Why should I choose luckyman?

luckyman promises to give you the best quality products and services at every price point for your car, your company, or your tire shop. Our salesmen and technicians are experienced and well-equipped to counsel you on your purchase, and our retail stores can perform check-ups and recommendations on your car’s health. Shopping at luckyman is convenient, easy, and most importantly – safe – for you and your car.

How can my company join the luckyman fleet services?

luckyman’s fleet services are trusted by many large and small companies in Myanmar. Your fleet will take great joy in increased cost efficiency, improved ride comfort and safety through our fleet services program. To join the program, just call or visit the nearest luckyman store to let us know. Our account managers will follow up to make sure that we can provide the most suitable products for you needs.

What is luckyman VIP card program?

Our VIP member cards allow luckyman members to have special pricing and 50,000 mmk worth of free retail services at any of our shops.

How can I join luckyman VIP card program?

You are welcomed to join our luckyman VIP card program for free with any tire or battery purchase at our stores. Call us now and set up an appointment for your fitting, and get your VIP card and all its great benefits.

Do you offer agriculture, industrial, and forklift tires?

Yes. We offer high quality agriculture, industrial, or material-handling tires such as forklift tires for your businesses. We also offer fitting and pressing service for forklift tires. Call us today to learn more about us.

If you have more questions, please contact us and we’ll follow up with you shortly.